Kristjan Kannukene is an Estonian violist,

electric guitarist,
performer-composer & improviser.

In his artistic practice
he is researching
the connection
between viola and voice


combining different traditions and aesthetics


turning visual symbols into sounds.

Sacredness and primitiveness have been important part of his expression,

the sound of which can be heard on the album



11 April

Rund um Stans

15 April

OffOn Monday

HSLU Blackbox Kosmos

10 May

ZHdK Toni-Areal

11 May

Ambisonic performance

EAMT Blackbox

16 May

Improvisation concert with Ivi Rausi and Jaan Malin

Philly Joe's Jazz Club

20 Mays

OffOn Monday

HSLU Blackbox Kosmos

28 June

Music and Art Performance Showcase

Lucerne University of Arts Blackbox Kosmos

30 June

Improvisation concert with Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi and Gon Muruaga

Kanzlei Zürich

Zurich University of Arts Aktsionsraum


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