Since finishing album 333 I have been working on project 9. The first performance of it was in 2018 in a tunnel during Tallinn Design Festival.
In this piece I already used 9 vowels of Estonian language and the 9-EDO (equal divisions per octave) scale.
Each of the nine vowels was in a different number system from binary to decimal. The music was based on a Pi number, which defined the rhythm (one to nine notes per beat) and the pitch class in 9-EDO scale.

After the first performance in 2018 I have learned electronic music, microtonal music theory, and programming in Max8. I have been developing and collecting tools to enhance the project. I have also done versions of that with an ambisonic sphere system, with OMax improvising MaxPatch with live visuals and improvised performances over the initial music composed with the number Pi.

Right now studying in Switzerland I will  finalise physically the white sphere idea I had from the beginning and to have it as an interactive installation and a performance piece. The piece is important for me because of my heritage, roots and family. My grandfather was a priest and a mystic and dealt with angels, and when I first had the calling from the angels, I felt a strong connection with my grandfather. I am truly grateful to God for His guidance.

Here is a little review of the initial performance: